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senz° xxl

  • Ideal golf umbrella
  • Big canopy, fibreglass shaft
  • Stormproof up to 100 km/h
  • 2 Year no-nonsense warranty
  • Unique eyesavers at the end tips
  • Comes with luxury sleeve

pure black 

The perfect golf umbrella

Your weather app told you there was minimal chance for rain, so you went to the golf course. Now you’re halfway and it’s pouring down… No turning back now! Rain suit and glove help you continue the game, but how to deal with your face getting all wet, the struggle with the wind and the poor sight on the green? In comes the senz° xxl, the storm proof aerodynamic umbrella which never flips over (not even at a wind force of 100km/h!), allows you to follow your ball flight and even provides UV protection!