the people that make senz° today


Once, in a distant past - seven years ago indeed - senz° consisted of three cute students. Those students are now a lot less green and "respectable" guys (hush, they are still coming to terms with it!) and called CEO, Director, or - even worse! – Boss by the outside world. They are now being supported by a team of over 20 professionals. For those colleagues it is obviously out of the question to arrive soaking wet at the office or to wear a rain suit! With rain we have a love-hate relationship: good for the business, not always for our mood.

New colleagues we throw (wholeheartedly!) before the wind machine, lunch is something we do as a team and although we have heard that trainees are intended for the lousy jobs, we find them much too valuable to let them just do that.


the guys that started making senz°

Founders: GerwinGerwin Hoogendoorn

Gerwin is the entrepreneurial mad scientist, our CEO and creative brain of the senz° family. We trust him to be our idea generator, which worked well for the umbrellas, but it's no surprise that his invention of 'a smoke alarm with a snooze button' never made it to the market... 'Cannot' is not part of Gerwin's dictionary and he prides himself for not being bothered by any foreknowledge in his creative process. He honestly believes that he can teach anything in 5 minutes and after 31 years of talking, he recently started exploring the art of listening. Gerwin is in training to win the egg eating world cup and he tends to come closer each Easter. Last but not least, Gerwin is the unofficial stuntman at senz°, which basically means we force him to try his own ideas first!


Founders: GerardGerard Kool

Gerard has a creative background and is responsible for our finance (!). He hopelessly tries to create some sort of structure in the chaos that Gerwin and Philip manage to produce on a daily basis. He's also the commander-in-chief of our legal troops. Gerard seems to be a very decent guy, but appearances can be deceptive, in particular during the carnival season! The one thing that few people know about Gerard is that he's actually a big adrenaline junkie. He's a proud father, a role that he tends to bring to the senz° working floor unsolicited. Gerard loves grammar and even has a secret affair with several punctuation marks. He´s a master at pretending he knows everything, a skill that will undoubtedly take him very far in Hollywood, should this umbrella thing never work out...



Our flexible work spot is a big blue Gym Ball which sometimes is used as a beach, boxing or basketball too.

Something to celebrate? Then you find us in our yard for a cocktail party or barbecue, and company policy is that there is always a bottle of champagne kept cold!

The whole team has the same senz° drive: with great enthusiasm we are working towards our lofty ambitions. We feel that we have only just started, but if we look back on what we have already done we secretly feel soooooo proud!

Founders: Philip

Philip Hess

Philip is responsible for all sales activities at senz°, but most of the time he's abroad 'to boost the senz° brand´, while we all think he's taking a vacation... Philip always tends to lose his keys and wallet, but found a nice way of coping with this by blaming Manon, our office manager, for hiding his stuff. Philip doesn't know anything about cars and still describes them by their color. His phone is an extension of his body and his preferred way of using it is in horizontal position in the garden of senz°. Philip has a contagious laugh and is currently writing a book to share his accumulated wisdom, titled '100 ways to miss your flight'.